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 Issue 1105 - November 2016

For a small European country, Hungary has always punched above its weight in the beauty stakes, giving us skincare supremos Ella Bache, Estee Lauder – and Brisbane-based skin therapist Mimi Gyergyak.

Mimi trained as a cosmetician in her native country and has been treating clients, including from interstate, at her suite on Spring Hill’s Wickham Tce since the early 1980s.

Thirty years ago she developed her own range, Bio-Pacific Skin Care, with products based on botanicals including Queensland-grown aloe leaf juice, Mimi’s vehicle of choice to carry nutrients deep into skin.

“That early range evolved as I adjusted ingredients and refined my formulations” says Mimi, of Albany Creek.  “The results I was achieving, the feedback clients were giving me and the definite visible improvements  in their skin conditions soon began to speak for themselves.”

Using “old school” European principles of nurturing the skin, the Australian-made range has also built up an overseas following, and has been sold in the Middle East, UK, US, New Zealand and Korea since 1994.

At our first meeting, Mimi analyses my skin, diagnosing redness, dehydration (the root of most skin problems, she says) … and so on.  I mention my penchant for chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and granular exfoliants – and she is none too pleased. 

“These things strip the skin, but what are they doing to rebuild it?” she says.

But there is hope.  Under Mimi’s guidance, I embark on a Bio-Pacific regime that involves applying four to five products morning and night, with a couple more thrown in as I get more adept at mixing up my serum “cocktails”, depending on skin needs on any given day.

My favourites are the Collagen Moist Gel ($70), a luscious gloop that cools and instantly hydrates, and the XCell-Vitamin Boost Serum ($75), used at night, that ensures skin feels soft and smooth upon waking.

Weeks pass and I notice my skin is more even in colour, less red, firmer to the touch, and pores are smaller.  Crow’s feet are softer too.  Happy days.

“There is no magic wand, but we can improve the skin and, in many cases, change lives,” Mimi says.

She tells of one client, a teenager, so self-conscious about his cystic acne that he climbed seven flights of stairs to her clinic, rather than take a public lift.  “Now he gets compliments about his skin and has a teenage daughter of his own who he is teaching about skincare,” Mimi says.

And there is Maggie Noonan, mother of Brisbane singer-songwriter Katie, who says Mimi saver her career.  “I am a professional opera/concert soprano and it is thanks to Mimi that I continue to perform, because I do not look my age,” Maggie says.

Now 68 herself, and a grandmother – Mimi has a son, Paul, who handles distribution for Bio-Pacific – the skin guru is only gathering pace.  She has just launched an online shop, where clients can buy her products, and released a new turbo-charged XCell range.  Aimed at fine lines, pigmentation, redness and acne, the trio of formulas was years in the making.

“There is nothing like these products in skincare, they are truly magical,” Mimi says.

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