Damaged / Scarred

Damaged or Scarred Skin Care Products

Our skin gets damaged through everyday life. Over time increased exposure to sunlight or regular makeup use has negative effects on the quality of our skin. Bio-Pacific’s Damaged & Scarred range is perfect to reverse the effects of your damaged or scarred skin. This range includes Cleansers that are deep cleaning, removing all traces of makeup, oil & debris from your skin. This process completely opens and cleans your pores. Moisturisers, designed specifically to help reversing the effects of Acne scarring, or with a boost of nutrients that are designed to lock in moisture, perfect for mature women.

We need to take regular maintenance of our skin to keep it looking healthy, glowing and smooth. The build-up of skin cells on the face can often lead to an uneven skin surface. Our rebuilding exfoliating treatment is perfect for restoring the skin surface back to a smooth, soft surface.