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Commonsense skin care for summer
Summer is here and it’s a high-risk time for all skin types in more ways than one, writes dermatherapist MIMI GYERGYAK.
It’s a dangerous time of year for skin,
with both sun and the humidity taking
a toll.
While we are slowly becoming
educated about the need for protection
from the sun, it’s easy to overlook the
damage being caused by the humidity.
We always feel hot and sweaty and
our skin feels moist, so we don’t realise
just how much we are dehydrating.
In fact, we are losing moisture
through perspiration and yet not feeling
feel dehydrated.
Many women are saying “I can’t stand
anything on my face” and can’t abide the
thought of using a moisturiser only to
feel it running off their face in a sticky
It doesn’t have to be this way and I
would encourage the use of a lightweight
If you don’t, by the end of summer
your skin will have become very
dehydrated and you will notice some
serious signs of ageing.
To stop this cycle, you need a product
that concentrates on hydration and the
most active hydrating product is a
collagen moist gel. It is oil-free, penetrates
effectively and stays in the skin.
Collagen is responsible for the
moisture in our cells, which are 75 per
cent water and are the building blocks for
our skin. They need water, not oil.
This is a point I have emphasised to
my students over the years: Skin needs
water, not oil. Keep the cells, the building
blocks, well hydrated and you are going
to have nice, healthy skin and collagen
gel is the most effective – and pleasant
– way to do that.
You want to make the cells like a juicy
plum so you don’t end up looking like a
wrinkled prune.
The second aspect is one we know a
little more about – protecting the skin
from the sun’s harmful rays.
In this climate, with the sun beating
down every day, a sunblock is a must.
Follow the instructions, and apply
half an hour before you leave home to
allow time for the sunscreen to absorb
properly. Unless you are swimming or
washing your face, there is no need to
I am not suggesting we have to use
sunscreen every day but if you are
driving and have the sun on your side of
the vehicle, for example, it’s a good idea to
have the protection. The sun rays so
easily cause damage without us even
knowing it.
Queenslanders are not good at
noticing the need for a sunblock even
though we are in the most damaging
The sun is not only dehydrating skin
but also disturbing the melanin
production which leads to sunspots or
liver spots as we used to call them.
A lot of us don’t like the stickiness of a
sunblock on our face. When everyone
started using some of the early sunblocks,
a lot of people turned up with skin
problems – acne, blackheads – as they
were heavy and oily.
I have formulated my own sunscreen
which has been tested by Sydney
University and licensed to meet all the
requirements of the TGA.
The best testimonials have come from
those who really need it – lifesavers and
deep sea fishermen – and the biggest
compliment is from the Wickham Terrace
specialists who recommend it to mothers
of albino children.
I use only the best ingredients, some
of which I have to import from Europe,
but it’s very special.
It goes on like a moisturiser so can be
worn as a base under makeup and is
absorbed by the skin so it is not sticky or
greasy and you don’t look like a ghost.
And of course, the other key point
during summer is to remember to drink a
lot of water and keep yourself well
If you would like a sample sachet of
my BioPacific sunscreen, apply via the
Contact Us section at
or send your name and address to
Biopacific Skincare, P.O. Box 436,
Albany Creek. 4035.

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