Integrity of Ingredients

We use only the finest natural ingredients

Our company’s extensive range of Bio-Pacific skincare products is for everyone and every skin type.

Only the highest-quality raw ingredients are sourced from plantations in the warm sub-tropics of south-east Queensland, and from farms in the lush countryside of New Zealand’s South Island.

For example, we insist on organically grown Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller). Prized for its therapeutic properties, it’s often called the ‘Queen of the Aloe’. Free of pesticides, this precious Aloe Vera is harvested fresh weekly and carefully cold-pressed to retain maximum natural goodness. Our formulations also include all-natural oils, triple distilled and extra-refined.

Our product range evolves continuously, through sophisticated and exhaustive research. We are committed to advancing the science of skincare, but no animals have ever been harmed or used for testing.