I thought I knew a lot about skin and skin care, with a degree in biochemistry and decades of experience; despite this, at 40 I still had acne, not just occasional pimples; acne! On top of that my skin was very reactive to stress, weather, products, just about everything. My skin was also oily, and despite the oiliness it was also dehydrated and because complexion was so very red, inflamed and blemished I wore make up everyday, every time I left the house.

I thought this was ‘normal’.

It was so frustrating to see so many products designed or promoted by people who obviously already had close to perfect skin, and just didn’t know what it was like to live in a covering that was so perpetually flawed. From my background I knew how most of these products worked (or didn’t) and had given up hope of finding a product that was genuinely effective for stressed skin. (It needs encouragement not aggression)

Bio-Pacific products are VERY different.

Unlike so many other products they are based on sound, scientific principles and the European traditions of genuine, nurturing skin care.

Just reading the labels might not tell you this, but using them will.

These products use real, fresh ingredients, in many cases sourced directly from the farm without fuss, fad or fiction that is so often associated with ‘natural skincare’. They work because they are designed from the bottom up to be effective, not just with sprinkles of advertising fairy dust that might sound nice, but really don’t make any difference except to the price.

When I first started using them I was astounded that I ‘needed’ to use five products morning and night; now I can see that it really, really does make a difference! Depending on the weather and how my skin is feeling I’m now confident to switch around the creams and serums to best suit my changing skincare needs. I’ve saved not only my skin; I’ve also saved they money wasted on products that didn’t work and camouflaging makeup to try to hide behind.

I very rarely wear make up now.

Colleagues who haven’t seen me for a while have asked if I’ve had a facelift!

My skin is really normal now; in fact it’s better than normal, it’s clear, hydrated and healthy.

My all time favourite product is “Collagen Moist”. I’ve never seen a product like it, it’s so readily absorbed and so deeply hydrating! Applied after cleansing and toning its REALLY hydrating for my skin, so I can confidently follow up the right ‘moisturising cream’ to seal and soften without oiliness.

I’ve been using Bio-Pacific Products for about 8 years now, and I’ve never felt better. Bio-Pacific products give me the confidence to face the world everyday.

Thanks Mimi – you’ve changed my outlook on life

 Wendy, 48 Queensland.





Mimi and Bio Pacific Skin Care has changed my life! From adolencence and into my early twenties I have always had acne and caked on foundation to cover it up. When I first went to see Mimi and had a facial I couldn't believe how amazing my skin felt and looked instantly. I then began to use her products and after a month couldn't believe the difference. I had little to no acne and literally had people coming up to be telling me my skin was glowing! I went from caking on foundation every day to not wearing it at all!

I stopped using her products for a little while and I couldn't believe it when my teenage acne came back. My skin became so dehydrated and I went back to see Mimi to restock. Within 3 days of using the products again my skin had completely reconstructed and was beginning to glow as it had before.

Thank you so much Mimi! You have not only given me amazing skin, but also a new found confidence in myself! I could not recommend these products more!

Emma Tallon





Most people that meet me for the first time do not realise I am in my early 60’s.  The usual guess is round 10 years younger.  I attribute this to the fact that I have been using the bio-pacific skincare range of products for over 20 years.  I love the way my skin “glows”, because I use these products and often notice how many of my work colleagues’ complexions appear sallow and tired looking.

I first started using the products in an attempt to “naturally” correct broken capillaries on my face, caused by excessive sun exposure in my youth. Continual use of the products corrected this problem for me and I loved them so much I continued to use them.  The range of products has grown over the years and I am fortunate that Mimi will often ask me to “trial” a new product for the range.  That’s what I love about the range – it is continually growing and changing to keep pace with today’s changing climatic and lifestyle situations and scientific advances.

One of the latest additions is the Peptide serum.  I absolutely love this product.  It has done wonders in lightening and correcting the tone of the skin on my face and chest.  Also the “new” Vitamin K moisturiser makes my skin look “fresh” and seems to assist in reducing the depth of the natural lines on my face.  I usually don’t wear makeup on the weekends when I go shopping and feel confident enough that my skin looks great with a light application of BBcream and nothing else.

I am amazed at how the Collagen Gel plumps my skin and is absorbed almost immediately and always start my day or night time routine with this product.  I also love the fact that the range caters for mature skin types.  My skin feels wonderfully moisturised and soft and also the fact that the products assist my skin to exfoliate regularly. to keep that fresh complexion look.

Debra Berrill





I have been using bio-pacific products for many years and my skin looks amazing. People are quite often surprised when I tell them I am 48 years old.

 I originally used Mimi Gyergyak’s Dermatherapy treatment which cleared my bad acne and scars.

The bio-pacific products are a great way to give you a professional treatment at home.  My wife also uses bio-pacific products. She is in the fitness industry and really appreciates a product that really delivers and improves the quality and texture of the skin.

Getting to know Mimi and using the bio-pacific products have transformed my skin.

I feel confident both in my personal and professional life.

I now have a thirteen year old and she has started to break out. Through my knowledge and with the help of Mimi and the bio-pacific products, I have been able to teach my daughter the importance of looking after your skins, and the benefits that come from using the right products. I don’t want her to experience the effects of what bad skin can do to ones confidence and self esteem.

Thank you Mimi for your hard work, dedication and determination in producing a truly amazing skin care line, that’s in a class of its own.

Jason Thompson





I was first introduced to Bio Pacific 7 years ago.  I have always been someone who loved using skin care products right from my mid-teens, following my mother’s advice to always use “a good product”, not soap & water. 

Therefore, I had been using a reputable brand of skin care, or so I thought, until I realised how dehydrated my skin actually was. I had developed rosacea and was plagued with a “red nose” and “flushed cheeks”, relying on foundation to attempt to cover these problem areas up.

I had a very important event coming up – my wedding day. I was introduced to Bio Pacific & was fortunate enough to meet Mimi who monitored my progress.  When our day arrived, I was amazed how many compliments I got. I know all brides look great, but you see I was in my late 50’s.

Since commencing with these products, I haven’t looked back. My skin continues to flourish, feels youthful & looks alive!!  Best of all no more redness!  I’m constantly told I could pass for someone in my forties. I will turn 65 this year!!

I owe so much to Bio Pacific – these marvellous, natural products actually penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin, not simply sit on the top, therefore they feed your skin with everything it needs. I have found “my products” now & will continue to use them for as long as I live.

Thank you Mimi & Bio Pacific products.

Jeanette Reimer






I wanted to thank you once again for the treatments and products you provide and thought I’d share a couple of compliments I received while at a conference last week…..“you look younger every time I see you”, “you are looking really well, your skin is amazing”.   

It’s all down to You and the fantastic products and treatments.   I’ve been coming to you for about 18 months now and as I’ve mentioned any number of times, all of your products are fantastic,  but I’m currently in love with the Hydrating Mask for my skin.  I wear it to bed and love the look and feel of my skin on waking.

As you know my Assistant here at work, only half my age, has started having treatments with You due to the continued improvement and overall condition of my skin.  I think that kind of endorsement says a lot about your treatments and products.

Looking forward to seeing you again this month for another great treatment and time with Mimi.

Kay Trimble





I have been using Mimi’s products for 10 + years and absolutely love, love LOVE  all products in the range. I won’t use anything else on my skin. I have in the past but nothing compares or come close to getting the results you do using Mimi’s products. These products actually do what they say!

I am always complemented on how good my skin looks, in fact a work college told me I am getting younger looking every time he sees me.

Thank you so much for developing such amazing skin care products. I believe Bio pacific is Australia’s best kept secret.

I will be a customer for life!

Diana Montoro-Diano





I came to Mimi 28 years ago.

I was pregnant and had sensitive spotty skin that I had developed during


I was also looking for skin care products.

I had tried many different brands on the market and wasted a lot of money

for no gain, in fact they all made my skin worse.

Mimi calmed my skin within several treatments and I fell in love with her

product range, and it are even better now!

I have stayed with Mimi ever since and would never dream of using any other

skin care.

I am a devotee for life.

Mimi maintains my skin. I come to see her religiously every month, and it

really does show.

People often ask me what I do for my skin, why does it look so good?

I tell them I have a secret weapon - Mimi!

No Botox or dubious skin treatments for me, Mimi has given me the confidence

to go out with bare skin and feel confident in my fifties!

My skin is strong, healthy and it glows.

I cannot recommend Mimi and her skin care range enough.

I am particularly loving the new multivitamin serum!

Mimi's success is evident in all her clients, living proof of all that she

has achieved.

Go Mimi!

Sallyanne Astill





I have been a client of Mimi’s since 1989. I first went to Mimi as a teenager with perennially oily skin, large pores and breakouts. Mimi’s treatments were something I had never experienced before and were wonderfully successful.  I was so happy with the results! I lost touch with Mimi in the mid 1990s but resumed contact with her in 2002 and haven’t left.  In the time I wasn’t seeing Mimi, I continued to have breakouts but since 2002, the breakouts have reduced to almost nothing and her treatments and products have actually staved off premature ageing. The texture of my skin has never been better and actually improves every year. Since about 2003 I have only used Mimi’s products and could never use anything else. Her products are luxurious, gentle but completely effective. Every single one of Mimi’s products that I have used works and I haven’t looked back. I can’t imagine using anything else to look after my skin. Mimi has never steered me wrong – she knows skin and importantly knows how to fix problem skin, for good!

Diana Mulcahy





Mimi and Bio-pacific skincare has changed my life!  I was introduced to Mimi and the Bio-pacific range in 2012.  As a woman in my 40s I had tried everything to improve my skin with no success.  I had tried microdermabrasion, fruit peels and every 'miracle' skin cream on the market.  Yet I was still left with oily and unpredictable skin.  This affected my self confidence.  I didn't know if I would wake up with a break-out or redness before that important work meeting or that important social event. I always felt like that everyone was judging me by my skin - and not in a positive way.  It meant that I tried to cover up my skin with layers of make-up which in turn would make my skin even worse!

After meeting Mimi and commencing on Bio-pacific skin care products the change has been remarkable.  The redness to my skin has gone and break outs are a  thing of the past.  I know have the confidence to know that my skin will look its radiant best when I wake in the morning. It still amazes me when people comment on how good my skin looks - but it is the best compliment.  I have referred others to try Bio-pacific - including both my Mum and Dad.  And they too have seen the fabulous results.

The Bio-pacific products are easy to use and right away you feel that they are nourishing your skin.  I now love not wearing make-up and instead lather my skin in these great products.  I have been lucky enough to try a couple of products from Mimi's new range - Vitamin Boost and XCell-Hydra Boost.  I have to see these are my favourite products in the range I use. they feel great on your skin and I believe that you can see results after a few applications.

Mimi and Bio-pacific skin care products have certainly changed my life for the better.  I love my new skin and the confidence it has given me.  My friends often joke that instead of looking older my skin looks younger.  Compliments like this I will never get tired of !!

Thanks Mimi

One very happy customer.

Kerri Mcleod





It was 25 years ago when I first visited Mimi. I was in my early 20s and had a bad case of acne. What made things worse was that I had only started my high school teaching career one or two years earlier. My confidence as a teacher was greatly undermined not just by my acne, but by cruel comments from some students, notably one who called me ‘pizza face’.

Going to Mimi was the best thing I ever did for my skin and confidence. Within a short time my skin had responded to Mimi’s treatments and products, and there was no looking back. It wasn’t long before I started receiving compliments from people about how beautiful my skin was. While I don’t have acne now, I still receive treatments from Mimi to maintain my skin. I even receive compliments from students about great my skin looks! Mimi truly understands skin and how it works, and I know this by personal experience. So thank you, Mimi!

Christine Mulcahy





I have been using Bio-Pacific Skincare Products for more than 15 years and having regular Skin Treatments from Mimi Gyergyak.

Mimi’s latest product -  Reconstruction Therapy - is unique. I have been amazed at the improvement in my skin - lines disappearing, skin looking so healthy and vital. 

I am a professional Opera/Concert Soprano and it is thanks to Mimi that I continue to perform because I do not look my age.

People who have not seen me for years comment “Maggie, you have not aged at all’!

Mimi Gyergyak’s research and dedication has resulted in this sensational product to compliment all her other outstanding products. 

Maggie Noonan 

Opera/Concert Soprano 

D.S.C.M L.MUS.A (Singing) A.MUS.A (Piano)





I had terrible cystic acne through my teenage years, which was soul destroying as a girl.  I tried to get it under some sort of control, but didn’t really come close.  I always used to wear my hair long and hanging around my face.  I was quite lacking in confidence and would wear sunglasses and not draw attention to myself while in a mixed group and normally let everyone else do the talking.

My skin started to deteriorate again once I fell pregnant with my first child.  I fell into the trap of using shop bought products that promised the world and not only didn’t deliver, but one brand actually made my skin worse!  I was ‘breaking out’ all the time, at an age where we shouldn’t have to worry about that!  I found it very hard to look at myself in the mirror and always dreaded going into areas with bright lights, and elevators were never fun with their downlights and mirrors.

All that dramatically changed from the time I met Mimi.  Her magic started to work really quickly, but the maintenance and the ‘looking younger’ skin has stayed with me all the way through the ensuing years.  I now actually enjoy standing in front of the mirror to put on my makeup and do my hair.  When I say to people that I used to have acne and be very shy, they look at me in total disbelief.

I met Mimi when I was 30, which turned out to be one of the best years in my life.  I am now 55 and still visit Mimi and also still bless the day that I was introduced to her and her wonderful, magical treatments and products.

Thank you Mimi for all that you’ve done for my skin and I look forward to many more years of our continuing friendship.

Robyn Clarke





I am so fortunate to have been referred to the amazing Mimi, some eight years ago.  At this time, my skin (facial) was very dehydrated, prematurely aged and my complexion, ruddy.  I also had scarring on my cheeks as a result of teenage acne.

Mimi was confident from the onset that she would improve my skin.  During my monthly visits, she would diligently infuse her remarkable  ‘Bio-Pacific’ products into my skin and with each subsequent visit my complexion began to brighten, my skin looked and felt plumper (and more dewy) and the rosacea of my skin began to lessen.  In the last couple of years, the scarring on my cheeks has greatly improved and is now hardly noticeable. 

During my facials, Mimi explains to me about the dermatological layering of the skin and how her products are penetrating deeply to improve each layer. Since Day 1, I have diligently applied the products Mimi recommends, both morning and night … When I see my adult daughters they often make comment on how great my skin looks and how much it has improved since my  ‘Mimi visits’.

I absolutely adore using Mimi’s skin care range, cherish my monthly facials and appreciate the knowledge and advice Mimi shares as she applies her products and then infuses them into my skin each month.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met Mimi Gyergyak and am so very grateful for the way in which she has looked after my skin for the past eight years of my life.

Gail Chuter

(58 years old)





Without Dermatherapy, I would have remained embarrassed and ashamed by the way I looked due to my severe acne. I would have gone through life with feelings of inadequacy that would have been perpetuated by judgemental & ignorant people, including many "skin professionals", who were unable to treat my problem skin nor show empathy for the impact it had on my world. But then my Mum found the marvellous Mimi & Dermatherapy & I will be forever grateful. Not only are the unique personalised treatments a magical rejuvenation for my skin, the holistic healing benefits have made my life.

Bio-Pacific Skin Care products are nothing short of miracle potions that have brought a new lease of life to my skin & my soul. I never cease to be amazed by the instant rejuvenation that takes place before my eyes during my skin care regime allowing me to "face" the world with a natural glow & confidence that is so much more than skin deep.

Sharna Kelly