All Natural Moisturiser

Having hydrated skin that is full of moisture is a vital component of a glowing skin complexion. Our skins have a natural wall made from oil that acts as a barrier to lock moisture into our skin. With the various skin issues that we may have, this wall starts to crack and our skin loses its moisture.

Bio-Pacific’s natural skin moisturiser contain natural oils that help to strengthen the wall, locking in any moisture the skin has. We stock a range of different moisturisers depending on you skin type. If you're planning a trip away, you can't go past our travel moisturisers, perfect to take onboard your next flight.

Rebalancing Cream - If you have oily skin, then a lighter moisturisers that hydrates, soothes and without clogging the skin is your go to.

C-Complex Cream - For post acne, damaged or scarred skin you want something that is lightweight, but has intensive repairing qualities.

MPS Hydrating Cream - Perfect for normal skin, this is a light protein moisturiser designed to keep your skin full & firm

MPS Nourishing Cream - This is a heavy protein moisturiser designed for dry skin with advanced anti-aging qualities.

Colour Derma Cream - Designed for pigmented or uneven skin, this moisturiser is clarifies and evens out the skin tone .