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How to Clear Congested Skin with Bio Pacific Skin Care

There’s not a person in the world that doesn’t want smooth & beautiful skin. Unfortunately, often getting this result is easier said than done. This could not be more true when experiencing congested skin. Your skin can be congested in a variety of ways, but however it is affecting you, it can make the end result of perfect skin seem like a distant dream. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Once you get an understanding of your skin, how it reacts to certain products and developing a congested skin care routine that is designed specifically for you, that flawless skin you’ve been dreaming about can become a reality.


What Is Congested Skin?

Congested Skin is a broad term for when there is a blockage & build-up within the skin follicle (pore). This can be developed through any combination of dead skin cells, hair, dirt & natural skin oils on your body build-up and create a barrier. This barrier stops the skin from being cleaned and is what causes the side effect. Congested skin shows itself in a variety of ways. The most common form of congested skin is through acne, clogged pores & blackheads.


How To Tell If You Have Congested Skin?

Congested skin affects each person differently, but you can tell that you have congested skin by simply touching the skin. Along with the other side effects (Acne, Blackheads & Clogged Pores) if you feel bumps or find it uneven when your running your fingers across your skin, then you may have congested skin. The telltale signs for congested skin are on your forehead, nose & cheeks. This is where you are most likely to see Acne or Blackheads.


What Causes Congested Skin?

The biggest cause for congested skin is through the use of improper skin products or a lack of a skin cleansing routine. It is natural to have some form of build up on your skin. This can be from excessive use of make-up or through an inadequate cleaning routine. A specific skin routine that is designed for clearing congested skin can often be all that is required.


How To Treat Congested Skin?

Ensuring that you’re cleansing and exfoliating your skin properly (and with the right products) is by far the best way to tackle congested skin concerns. It’s vital to have a thorough cleansing routine that includes double cleansing in the evening and avoiding soap-based formulas that strip the skin of moisture. 

There are some misconceptions that come along with congested skin. Most people think that drying out the skin is the best way to solve congested skin, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact it’s the exact opposite, a congested skin treatment will need you to hydrate, exfoliate and moisturise the skin. A common concern that we deal with is that people with congested skin are afraid of using moisturisers, but with the correct moisturiser and routine this is one of the best things you can do for your skin. When looking at which moisturiser to use, make sure that it’s water based like our Rebalancing Cream.


How to Clear Congested Skin: Best Congested Skin Care Routine

We have created 3 specific routines varying depending on the condition of your congested skin. Below is the start routine, which is a great way to begin the process of unblocking your skin.

Recommended Routine:

Cleansing Milk - To clean skin

Balancing Lotion - To correct the skins pH to 5.5

Collagen Moist Gel - To hydrate the skin

Formula 2 - To exfoliate the dead skin cells off

Rebalancing Cream - To moisturise the skin


Product Descriptions

Cleansing Milk is a gentle skin cleanser. It is used to clean the skin but is designed not to dry the skin out.

Balancing Lotion is applied to the skin to correct the skin pH level to an optimal 5.5. This helps to prepare you skin for the following products, allowing you to get the maximum benefit.

Collagen Moist Gel is designed to hydrate the skin and promote collagen production. Collagen strengthens your skin and keeps it looking young.

Formula 2 is designed to exfoliate the skin, removing all of the dead skin cells that build up with congested skin. This process is called Enzyme exfoliation and is a completely non damaging way to remove the dead skin. Removing the dead skin cells helps to get the skin back to its normal function. The additional benefit of Formula 2 is in the natural ingredients which help to control the production of oil for the skin (through the sebaceous gland). Again, it restores it back to its natural function.

Rebalancing Cream help to moisturise the skin. Dry skin isn’t healthy skin either, you need to make sure that moisture is being retained in the skin. Our rebalancing cream is water based and is a necessary product to help with congested skin.



What Products Help To Clear Congested Skin?

There is no one product that is going to help clear up congested skin. It is a process that needs to be followed as a part of your daily routine. The multi-step process is:

  1. Cleanse with our Cleansing Milk & Cleansing Facial Wash
  2. Balance (Balancing Lotion)
  3. Hydrate using our MPS Hydrating Cream
  4. Exfoliate with our Colour Re-Moist Gel
  5. Moisturise

If you follow this routine with the right products and use consistently, your congested skin will begin to clear.


What To Avoid When You Have Congested Skin?

There are certain things to avoid when dealing with congested skin. The first and most important is using products that naturally clog and congest the skin. Heavy make-up use should be avoided. From a dietary perspective, avoiding highly acidic foods. Acidic foods can affect the natural function of the skin. Rather focus on low GI & high Omega 3 foods. These have been known to have a positive impact on people's skin. Finally avoid generic and mass-produced skin care products, you will need a more targeted approach with specific products for congested skin.

Let us know your thoughts. What have you used to help with your congested skin?

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