Exfoliating Treatment

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Exfoliating Treatment

Exfoliators are a necessity in any persons skin care routine. Once you have cleansed and moisturised your skin, it is extremely important to invest in a quality natural exfoliator. The primary task of an exfoliator is to rebalance the skin, restoring the skin's natural regeneration process.

In its natural function the skin regenerates and sheds millions of dead skin cells every day. However, sometimes this process isn’t enough, leaving dead skin cells on your face. You can see dead skin cells as dry or crusty patches on your skin. The other side-effect can be congested skin or clogged pores that results in acne.

Regular exfoliation of your face helps prevent congested skin or clogged pores that mean far fewer acne breakouts. Overtime, regular exfoliation leaves your skin looking healthy, reduces the appearance of lines & promotes elasticity through increased collagen levels.

Bio-Pacific stock a range of different natural exfoliators designed to suit the specific needs of your skin. These skin conditions include Mild Acne, Intense Acne, Congested Skin, Post Acne Scars or Damaged Skin. The ingredients of our natural exfoliators are pure & of the highest quality, designed specifically for its compatibility with our skin.